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Initially, the boy refused to be interviewed.  He was afraid of retaliation by the bullies, but Katherine Chloé convinced him that he could help others by speaking out.  Additionally, the Violence Prevention Facilitator for the school district was belligerent, ho-hummed around, and did not want to appear on-camera.  But, Katherine Chloé knew the law and convinced him that if he did not explain the school’s side, he could expect backlash.


Then he talked, but her footage and commentary on the boy’s side was too powerful.  As a result of it, a group of parents banned together, a coalition was formed, a legislator joined it, a bill was proposed toughening the law, and the Wyoming Superintendent of Education got onboard.  Those involved publicly stated that the reason for all of this was Katherine Chloé’s coverage.  The ensuing protest rapidly started at the grass roots and spread like wildfire to the legislature and the executive branch.